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Welcome Message by MSN President

Dear Colleague,

When Malaysian Society of Nephrology (MSN) was approached in early 2016 to organise the very first Asia Pacific Acute Kidney Injury & Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy 2017 (1st APAC AKI CRRT 2017) together with Professor Ravi Mehta of CRRT San Diego, USA, there was much debate and deliberation among the council members as well as senior members of the society with regards to the pros and cons of this massive undertaking. The biggest challenge to organize this event in year 2017 was the short notice and lack of time for preparation. Despite the obvious uphill task (short preparation time, and just completed organizing International Society of Haemodialysis 2015 Congress) we have decided to accept this challenge whole-heartedly due to the following reasons:

  1. AKI is identified as a human rights issue (the right to proper management and appropriate therapy) and International Society of Nephrology (ISN) has officially launched its zero preventable deaths by year 2025 due to AKI (0by25) initiative in conjunction with the Commission Report on AKI with Lancet in March 2015.
  2. One of the main challenges in addressing this entity in Malaysia and Asia Pacific regions (APAC) is the lack of reliable and comprehensive national data. Hence, MSN deems it appropriate to take this opportunity to establish a national registry on AKI.
  3. We are strong in managing patients with end stage renal failure (ESRF) with haemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and renal transplant, and we are also doing reasonably well in highlighting the importance of chronic kidney disease (CKD I-V) and addressing it as an important entity under non communicable disease (NCD). However, AKI which can be a strong precursor to CKD, ESRF or even mortality is not addressed adequately at the moment.
  4. The AKI mortality can be very variable in the literature, ranging from 20-90% and this wide variation is a reflection of the gap in recognizing this disease, access to proper management and appropriate treatment. AKI at the moment is managed by generalists, physicians, intensivists and nephrologists. It is like a no man’s land and that resulted in inconsistencies and probably the wide variation in outcomes.
  5. Millions of people may die every year due to AKI. Many more will suffer from its complications and extended hospitalization. The wide variation in morbidity and mortality for this complex syndrome is in part contributed by a gap in knowledge regarding its pathophysiology and effective treatment. Hence, it is the strong belief by MSN that by organizing this mirror congress of CRRT San Diego, we can bring in worldwide experts from CRRT San Diego with vast experience in renal replacement therapy in critically ill patients. The multidisciplinary experience of this group will also provide a unique message of collaboration among various disciplines. This course is intended not only for the nephrologists including both the beginners and the experts but is also suitable for the intensivists, generalists, renal paramedics, nurses, dieticians, pharmacists and also the industrialists. It is MSN’s sincere wish that through the presentation from leading experts in their respective fields, sharing of latest data from current literature, sharing of daily clinical practice from experts in the field and matching personal experiences with the most advanced technological innovations will hopefully be shared with all delegates during this congress. As a result, we can narrow the gap in the understanding of this disease entity, provide the best management plan and institute the most appropriate therapy. By doing this, we can also achieve 0by25 as in line with ISN initiative.

The 1st Asia Pacific AKI CRRT 2017 congress in conjunction with 33rd Annual Congress of the Malaysian Society of Nephrology (MSN) is scheduled to be held from 20 to 23 August 2017, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia.

The congress is organised in collaboration with the San Diego AKI CRRT International conference that is in its 22nd year. The congress is focused on various aspects of critical care nephrology with a significant emphasis on acute kidney injury (AKI) and extracorporeal support techniques. The meeting consists of plenary sessions (approximately 20-30 minute talks with panel discussion) and workshops (generally 1.5 of interactive hours involving 20 - 60 participants) coupled with poster and oral presentations from delegates across the world. By attending this congress, we hope to improve the knowledge and outcome of AKI. We believe the 1st Asia Pacific AKI CRRT 2017 will provide a unique forum to disseminate this information to physicians (generalist, intensivist, nephrologist alike), nurses and allied personnel from across the world. We anticipate up to 800 attendees for this congress.

On behalf of the MSN Council and the 1st APAC AKI CRRT Organising Committee, I wish to express a big thank you to all members, friends and colleagues (both professionals and industries) who had contributed in one way or another in making this event a success.

Professor Dr Goh Bak Leong
1st APAC AKI CRRT 2017 &
Malaysian Society of Nephrology